Video Production Director

Over 15 years of experience directing hit and award-winning documentaries and tv series including The Last Colony, 100,000 and Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla, all EMMY winning projects. If you are reading this, I encourage you to watch any of my documentaries. 

Video Editor

15 years of professional experiene using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro for television shows, feature documentaries, music videos, commercials, etc.  


Since 2004, I have written and produced hundreds of multimedia productions including TV shows, feature documentaries, short documentaries, short films, television commercials, music videos, tourist videos, etc. My most notable projects are my feature documentaries 100,000, The Last Colony and my music TV show Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla. 

DSLR Camera Operator

I grew up with a camera in my hand. I currently shoot with a Canon 5D both video and still photography.