Dog Lover’s Bilingual Children’s Book Available Now


“The Colorful World of Monica: A doggie Adventure,” a children’s book by Puerto Rican author, María Mercedes Rodríguez Márquez, was just released on Amazon last week. The book, the author’s first, is in English and Spanish and it is illustrated by the author’s brother, artist Gerardo Rodríguez.

The book’s art is a combination of photography and illustrations. The photographs were taken by filmmaker, Juan Agustín Márquez, the author’s husband. Using the photographs, the artist then created the illustrations and characters. The book’s main character is Monica, the author’s daughter. In the story, Monica finds four dogs in the Enchanted Forest, gets to know the dogs' personalities and embarks on an adventure to find the perfect home for them.

“Everyone in my family is a dog lover. It was easy to decide to write a story for children that involved my daughter and dogs. That’s why the book elaborates on the topic of finding the perfect home for the dogs,” said Rodríguez Márquez.  Monica’s character immediately knows that the dogs do not belong in the forest alone and they need a home. 

The book is available on Amazon.

Rodríguez Márquez is a copywriter and a translator. She resides in Los Ángeles, CA with her husband, daughter, and dogs. She started her career in advertising after graduating from Syracuse University in New York. Her brother’s art inspired her to develop a book together and she hopes to write more editions of “The Colorful World of Monica”. “It has really been a wonderful and fulfilling experience writing this book. I am excited for this new chapter in my life” explained the author.


Rodríguez, a resident of Austin, Texas, had the honor of being one of 10 artists chosen for the Austin Art Boards. The award consists of having his art “Doggie Adventures” in an Austin billboard for an entire year. He is also the artist behind the series “Monsters in Austin” that are all around town. Both Rodríguez and Rodríguez Márquez also produced the Puerto Rican documentary 100,000 about the overpopulation of dogs in Puerto Rico, which won an Emmy in 2011. 


The siblings also have an Etsy shop with an assortment of greeting cards. You can find them here:


“The Colorful World of Monica: A Doggie Adventure” is independently published on Amazon and was edited by Isidra Mencos.  For further information, contact below:


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Bilingual children's book in English and Spanish. Step into Monica’s colorful world and join her in this new adventure. Her daily walk on the Enchanted Forest leads her to a fun discovery when she finds four dogs! After getting to know the dogs' personalities, she embarks on an adventure to find them the perfect home. Will Monica find the dogs a forever home?


Entra al colorido mundo de Mónica y acompáñala en esta aventura. Durante su caminata diaria en el Bosque Encantado, hace un descubrimiento inesperado, ¡cuando encuentra cuatro perros! Tras conocer las personalidades de los perros, emprende una aventura para encontrarles el hogar perfecto. ¿Logrará Mónica encontrarles un hogar lleno de amor?