The Last Colony (2015)

  • Directed by Juan Agustín Márquez
  • Juan Agustin Marquez: Writer, Director
  • Category: Documentary
  • Imdb

In 1898, the United States invaded and colonized Puerto Rico as part of the Spanish American War. For 114 years the people of Puerto Rico have maintained a polarizing debate on the STATUS ISSUE that has been front and center of the political discourse on the Island.  Puerto Ricans (American citizens since 1917) constantly dispute between the options of Statehood, Independence and Commonwealth.

On November 6, 2012 the people of Puerto Rico held the fourth plebiscite in the Island’s history to try to redefine the political relationship with the United States.

Weeks before the plebiscite vote, filmmaker Juan Agustín Márquez traveled back to his homeland and interviewed leading politicians, historians, sociologists, and economists to dissect the status debate in a multilayered conversation about the pros and cons of each option on the ballot.

His mission: To explain the status debate to the people of the United States, Congress and the President, and bring the American people up to date on this century-old question: Will there be a change in status in America’s Last Colony?

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